who we are

Gaia Batteries Private Limited is part of the reputed Innovative Group, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Bias Tyres in the country, with a prodigious history and colossal experience of 20years in manufacturing field. The group has 3 manufacturing units apart from battery manufacturing units, namely the Innovative Tyre plant, Innovative Tube plant and Future Tyres Private Ltd . All three put together employ more than 1000 people and manufacture motorcycle tyres , LCV tyres, truck tyres, auto-rickshaw tyres ,tractor tyres and other agricultural  equipment tyres , mining equipment tyres and Off -the-road(OTR)  tyres. The company has a strong hold over domestic and export market, manufacturing various brands as well as performing job work for others which include prestigious names in the Indian Tyre industry. It currently sends tyres to more than 40 countries spread across 4 continents.

With the might of the Innovative Group behind it, GBPL has stepped into the field and is already making its mark, having shipped three containers in the first four months of operation itself. The company offers a vast array of high quality Lead Acid Batteries with different technologies, including the coveted VRLA technology for Motorcycle Battery.

The company is led by 2 young entrepreneurs with a never-ending thirst for success and ready to face the most arduous of the challenges thrown in front. But the strength of GBPL lies in its highly-experienced staff, backed by senior mentors with humongous, hard-core technical as well as manufacturing knowledge. This, coupled with investment at the right places, has led to overwhelming success in the first year itself.

We are manufacturers by heart. We believe in learning and adopting new technologies to maintain enhanced product quality, no matter the small scale. Our efforts and investment remain in the direction of a sustainable future, which cannot happen unless technological expertise is developed. We strive to develop products for the premium segment of the market

That being said, commitment to customer cannot be left out. The company has expanded leaps and bounds from where it had started and capacity is being added rapidly to cater to the burgeoning market and serve customers better with enhanced quality, larger quantities and faster deliveries.

Our Belief

Growth alone is insufficient and inconsequential. True benefit lies only in the growth characterized by sustainability.

Sustainable growth needs to be uniform and proportionate throughout the structure of the entity. The growth of a single part of the body, leaving behind the rest, leads to deformity and instability. Similarly, the growth of the organization cannot occur if just the company, which is a mere part of the organization, grows.

We at Innovative Group invest in sustainable growth and believe that it cannot occur in an isolated fashion and is only possible by uplifting all the contributors of the organization as the company grows. Hence, we strive for collective growth of the contributors -customers, vendors and, most importantly, our employees-in tandem with the growth of the organization. Innovative group directly and indirectly affects more than 4000 people including all contributors, majority of them being employee families. The company has put efforts behind their development and uplifting in an attempt to create a better, healthier society in its vicinity.

The purview of sustainable growth also includes benefit to society. In the long run, the materialistic success of the company is futile if its efforts have failed to benefit those around it. We at innovative group, including Gaia Batteries, continue to put effort to bring out the best in our vicinity and make it prosper along with the organization.

Our Vision

To become a manufacturer held in utmost regard by customers, employees, vendors and investors for its ethical way of doing business, technical knowledge pool and compassion towards society and its betterment.

Our Mission

We at Gaia Batteries aim to grow the value of our organization by creating value products for our customers and work for the betterment of our employees and other stakeholders. Our focus remains on offering superior quality products by focussing on adoption of latest technologies in the industry and by continuously focusing on frugal innovation in pursuit of efficiency.

Our Values

We at Gaia, believe that business can survive and prosper only with growth in relationships of the company with all its stakeholders. We pride ourselves in that face that we are 100% committed to our customers, employees and vendors. We go out of the way, to crazy extents, to serve our them. We strive to form a personal bond with all our stakeholders who value our commitment and support and thus help each other in times of crisis.

The below are our fundamental values that we hold as sacrosanct and nothing surpasses them.

  • Integrity
  • Ethical Conduct
  • People Development and personal growth
  • Agility and Flexibility in serving customers
  • Passion for Innovation and Technology
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